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About me


My professional path has been very varied to this day.


After a commercial apprenticeship in 1993, I went straight to practical work.


Through an order placement office, I was allowed to work in many different areas,

gaining a lot ofwork experience.

Horticulture, garden maintenance, painting work, drinks delivery service, domestic help, kitchen construction, roofing work, shop window decking, etc. .. to name just a few.


At the same time, I also started working for a three-man company.

Removals, packing assistance and cleanings

(with delivery guarantee) were our specialities.

In the more than 10 years in this company, I learned a lot about the service industry and what it means to work with customers together towards a goal.


After this very manual time, I switched to agriculture .

I was allowed to help run a medium-sized farm (BioSuisse) near Bern for 5 years, being employed there as the deputy operations manager .

It was a farm with Skudden sheep, Rhaetian gray cattle (up to 18 cows + calves),

chickens, cats, dogs and a horse boarding house (12 horses, open pasture).

We grew spelt, linseed, buckwheat, etc. in the fields.

The maintenance of the surrounding forest was also part of the job.


Unfortunately the farm was sold but back then I was already employed as chauffeur at 

Ässbar Bern where I professionally could use my expertise as a driver

and in logistics in general.

Around the same time, I started working as a courier for a food delivery service.

Food, sustainability and regionality have always been important

topic for me. In these two companies I was and am allowed to live it out wonderfully.


But what I missed was contact with mother nature. So I decided get closer to the

earth again by starting to work at an organic vegetable farmer .

Mixed cultures, working according to the seasons, tomatoes and chillies, pumpkins with corn and beans, oat root, trout lettuce, cardi, kale, rondinis, etc .. I was allowed to get to know so much, I was allowed to cherish and care for that much.


Unfortunately, this work was only limited in time and I had to further orientate myself professionally.


So I now dare to take this path into self employment.


I am really looking forward to this new challenge and hope that I can use my experience and knowledge to help future customers with their projects.

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